• Quality Control Department supervised by the qualified team as per the standard operating procedures, with digital equipment to test the containers/caps
  • Electronic Weighing Scale for maintaining uniform weight
  • Drop-test facilities to ensure strength of the containers/ components
  • Vernier Caliper for measurements of dimensions
  • Induction Ceiling Testing machines to test the induction ceiling
  • Leakage Proof Testing machine for leakage test
Production Capacity
  • The plant is capable of producing 6 million containers/month
  • Additional capacity - option to install additional machines/equipments or setup an exclusive facility as per specifications to meet each individual customer’s requirements
Mould Development
  • Customers receive professional assistance in developing customized moulds right from the designing stage to final production through our associations with suppliers all over India and abroad.
  • Clean room, packing and manufacturing under strict guidelines to meet export requirements of our pharmaceutical clients
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